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Cryotherapy Benefits

Most people think cryo therapy is just for high-performance athletes and that everyday individuals cannot benefit from the healing and regenerative properties of super chilled therapy. This, in fact, is untrue, as people from a wide-range of backgrounds and lifestyles are often excellent candidate for cryotherapy treatments at Vancouver Tanning & Cryo.

In addition to athletes and sports enthusiasts, cryotherapy can help those with chronic pain and men and women seeking the restorative beauty benefits of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is ideal for those who want to improve their overall health and wellness.

Beauty & Spa Treatments

The cold helps your body use calories and promote weight loss. The increased blood on your skin’s surface also leads to healthier skin and tightened pores, giving you a youthful glow.

  • Unlike many traditional spa treatments, cryotherapy offers the following unique benefits:
  • Reducing cellulite, blemishes, and acne
  • Boosting metabolism for weight loss
  • Increases collagen to even skin tone and reduce wrinkles

Health & Wellness

You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from cryotherapy treatments at Vancouver Tanning & Cryo. For those with rheumatoid and joint disorders, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, the super-cold air acts as a full-body icepack to reduce pain and help you live your life to its fullest potential. In addition, cryotherapy used after surgery can facilitate faster recovery and boost the immune system.

Because cryotherapy effects blood and lymph circulation, less blood is allowed to reach an injury and soreness and swelling is greatly diminished, allowing white blood cells to take over the healing process.

Sports & Athletics

The endorphins stimulated by cryotherapies allow patients to feel a boost of energy for up to eight hours after a treatment session. Clients also report a better sleep, faster recovery, and improved body function.

  • For sport and fitness enthusiast, this means:
  • Your body recovers quickly from the stress of training
  • Pain, inflammation, and other issues heal faster
  • In men, testosterone levels have been shown to increase
  • Muscle function and activation is improved
  • Fatigue and muscle soreness is reduced

Recover Faster, Fight Aging & More!

Cryotherapy is a versatile process with benefits for nearly every part of the body. At Vancouver Cryotherapy, we offer a range of treatments, including full-body treatments to maximize the positive results of each session. Our staff of highly-trained and fully-certified professionals are well-versed in the most modern body sculpting treatments.

In order for these treatments to work to their fullest effect, 90% of your skin must be exposed to these sub-zero temperatures. This process forces your body to burn calories to keep itself warm and push blood to the surface of your skin. This shrinks your pores, can relieve joint pain, and flush toxins from your body. After just a few short minutes of exposure to the extreme cold, you will notice an immediate boost in energy, relief of pain, and many other positive side effects.

  • Whole body cryotherapy can provide the following beneficial health effects:
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased energy and improved sleep
  • Joint pain relief
  • Collagen production & reduction of aging signs, such as wrinkles
  • Reduction of skin blemishes and cellulite
  • Flushing of toxins from the body
  • Increased recovery time

Vancouver Tanning and Cryotherapy technicians are all dedicated to your comfort in each treatment. We provide all of our clients with socks, slippers, and gloves for each session. You are never locked in our cryotherapy saunas either; a technician will walk you through the whole process to ensure an enjoyable experience and you can step out at anytime if you ever feel uncomfortable during your treatment.

For most customers we recommend treatments up to three times per week to start. This will get your body accustomed to the process and start making the effects more permanent and easier to maintain in later treatments, allowing you to take them less frequently. Please feel free to speak with our staff about your specific needs and find a regimen that is right for you.

Can Cryotherapy help with Weight Loss

The theory behind cryotherapy for weight loss is that cold temperatures force your body to work hard – aka burn calories – to stay warm. Cryotherapy spas claim a single session burns hundreds of calories and that repeated use can boost your metabolism, helping you burn more calories all day. Available in Vancouver, Camas, and Portland

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